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The Magic Mapping Club

The Magic Mapping Club is a series of workshops that will teach you how to make interactive maps and show-off your spatial data.

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About the club

The world of digital geography can sometimes seem a bit complex. A lot of different technologies exist and they constantly evolve. Where do I start if I just want to make a simple web map with the data that I have collected? What tools should I use?

When we (Hans and Alsino) started making our first web maps, we had the same questions. Since then we have learned a few things about web maps. Now, we thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge with you.

The Workshops

The magic mapping club is a series of 2-day workshops that will teach you the basics of web mapping using the common web standards HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No previous programming experience is required.

The workshops are the result of our daily experience in creating professional map applications. However, we also like to play around with maps for various art & design projects.

Our workshops will be held in English or German, depending on the participants. We are curious to try out new stuff with you, based on what you want to learn. We like to enjoy ourselves while learning and teaching, so our idea is to hold the workshops in a rather informal setting.

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Currently we have not scheduled any workshops. Please contact us to request a workshop for you.


This course is intended for everyone interested in making interactive maps for the web. We will teach you all the basics to make your first real world map application. You don't need to know how to code, as we will teach you all the web’ s foundations, i.e. HTML, CSS and JavaScript to get you started. All tools used in our workshop are free and open source so you will not have to buy anything. During the two days, you will write code, so please bring a laptop. Below a little agenda of what the two days will roughly look like:

Day 1 (10am to 5pm)

Day 2 (10am to 5pm)

If you are an organization or a group of people, we can also set up an indiviudual workshop for you.


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